Thursday, September 9, 2010

hello, world.

Hello out there, I am still alive! I just have been uber busy, some of which is my own doing {which is a wonderful thing... & thank you everyone for your kind, encouraging words about my graphic work & for helping me get the word out! I have loved being busy for those reasons.} & then of course, my day job keeps me trucking along at a quick pace. ha. Along with trying to figure more of the logistics out of MF Designs as a side business/ hobby... :)
I've been loving this poster... from here. Wonderful message & mission in life to attempt to follow.
I've been eyeing this wreath for Halloween & have already busted out the gold spray paint to work on various Halloween 2010 ditties. I also made my annual, (or multi annual... who am I kidding? I love Dollar Tree!) Halloween trip to Dollar Tree. :) Love that place for select holiday decorations. Yes, I know I am too early, but I looove it. A girl can, at least, start planning... and everyone knows you can never have enough ravens.
I've been greatly inspired by this installation by the Ferney's, so I decided to try my hand at cake painting... the concept was so fun and whimsical, so I busted out an old canvas & paints & attempted my own version for the kitchen. Painting really is the most relaxing activity on the planet... while I was satisfied with my end result, it pails in comparison to Paul F's work. {note: this is NOT my painting, I repeat, NOT my painting... its Paul F.'s. I do wish it was mine to claim, though.}

I have been literally scouring EVERY known online store, site, & resale shop for a well priced, fits my needs, nicely contructed project table. Still looking, but boy, they are pricey & if you are gonna spend that much, it needs to fit ALL your needs, right? right. That's what I thought. Maybe one day, soon... but, for those of you that want to know, there are a lot of 'make your own options' out there... just ask & I can point ya in the right direction. I do believe I am the 'Project Table Expert Connoisseur' right now... just saying. :)
Along with my birthday present, {recovering my wingback!} (it lives where the bench is in this pic - which is from last fall) we had to get that leather club chair (right) patched up due to, well, a mischievous little pup... she made her little afternoon snack the yummy side of the chair... so we are chairless in our living room right now. So, why not seize the moment! I took the opportunity of extra floor space to tackle an upholstry project of my own... that little bench is torn up right now & is being given a new lease on life & some sofa pillows are being recovered via Frazier Reupholstering Deluxe! ha. I have taken pics to do a 'How To' after I, hopefully, complete it this weekend. I can't wait to see the results... however, I could a dug myself into a really big hole. :) I obviously have been living at various fabric stores, as of late.
Finally, and most importantly, I also have gotten to catch up with some dear friends, lately... and I realize how blessed I am really am with the family & friends the Lord has put in my life, in good times and in bad. I have the greatest Family & Friends this side of the Mason Dixon... I just know it.

Happy Friday's Eve! Woweee its already almost the weekend! xoxo.

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Gretchen Nickson said...

Hi Melanie! I too and scouring everywhere for a good table. I'm looking for more of a drafting type table for painting, but very simple, nothing heavy and wooden. Emily told me you'd be a good resource and then I saw your post! Let me know if you find anything brilliant. Love your Etsy shop, by the way. :)