Friday, April 16, 2010

lemony fresh weekend...

Nothing says fresh to me like the taste & smell of lemons... we have some huge, sweet lemons from California that I want to consume this weekend that were generously given to us by a co-worker. I am thinking the cookies above look delightful, from Real Simple... I've have them flagged for a while, & I think this weekend is the perfect time to give them a whirl. mmm mmmm.

We have been eagerly awaiting our Meyer Lemon Tree to bloom {hoping it will turn out looking like the one above with my black thumb...}My sweet parents gave it to us as our 2 year anniversary gift... how perfect is that? I have been wanting one for quite some time now... I cannot wait to just be be able to walk in the backyard to pluck one up for a treat on a whim.

This weekend also equals spring cleaning at the Frazier household & I cannot wait... weird? yes. My wonderful mother-in law gave me this all- purpose beeswax cleaning polish {above}in my Easter basket... it really is awesome & I can't wait to abuse it to its fullest this weekend. Give it a try, it will not disappoint.

Here's to a lemony, fresh weekend & hopefully some sun...

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