Thursday, October 29, 2009

a good magazine.

I have come to a conclusion: nothing beats reading & holding a great, well designed, inspiring magazine....the texture of the smooth pages, the vibrant aesthetics and colors, the beautifully photographed images, the actual ripping of the paper for my tear files, or even the smell of the chemicals used to publish the {aforementioned} periodical.

Don't get me wrong, I love the blogosphere. I love the inspiration & images you can save, tag, and "file" from the internet. I love the interaction & encouragement you receive from other fellow community bloggers... but its just not the same. Its not the same as sitting down in your own little world, dreaming about the images that one day you hope to make a reality. To sum up: Print just has a sensibility that cannot be recreated.
With all of the recent publishings folding ,{Domino, Blueprint, Gourmet, Cookie} it makes me sad and forces me to wonder if this is just the beginning? I get my fair share of magazines, {in my husbands opinion, way to many,} but it makes me a bit sad to think that one day, I might not have the opportunity or anticipation of running to the mailbox to see what arrived for me to peruse that day.
Someone said, {and I wish I could remember who} that you do not have the sense of "finishing" the internet like you can a good book or magazine. It is such a great feeling exhausting a magazine, tearing everything you want out of it, and filing it in its appropriate place. The internet is overwhelming and well, endless. The internet also poses the issue of credibility and truth? While this is not an internet bashing post, {clearly, I do heart the fashion & design blog world} I hope and pray we are not seeing the closing days of cold, hard, print media.
Thank you for you time. I am fully aware these are very, for lack of better words, un-deep thoughts, but hey, its my blog, right? :)
ciao bella.

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