Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Many of you know, I have always had a thing for Harry Potter. "Thing" might be an understatement, more of an obsession of sorts. The writing is incredibly creative and imaginative; and quite honestly, I believe J.K.Rowling is a absolute genius. The 5th H. Potter movie is coming out July 18th, (this was part of my Father's day gift to my dad... we love these movies and have been anxiously awaiting.) While I am not as big of a fan of 'books made movies'... David Yates, and now Mike Newell, have done an incredible job of portraying Harry & his antics via film. Hermione, who is played by Emma Watson... is one of my favorite to watch.
Teen Vogue did this amazing shoot above... enjoy.
Gimme some Polyjuice Potion so I can look like her... :)
via Deb.

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S.P. said...

Mrs. Frazier
I am just a random stranger who stumbled upon your blog and was truly mesmerized. Love love love your posts and your insightful eye for fashion and antics. Just wanted to let you know on this current post though, being an obsessive H.P. fan also, its not the fifth but the sixth movie thats coming out! Yay for the half blood prince! Continue blogging the way you do, it is truly inspiring!