Monday, May 23, 2011

Mimi's Manor.

A few weekends ago, we loaded up the whip with an excited Senga, some charcoal, fully packed coolers and our boots & headed out to East Texas to my Mimi's Manor. Mimi's Manor is aptly named after my grandmother & owned by my grandpa, my dad, & his three brothers. It really was the greatest time to get away, play horseshoes, eat a lot, shoot some guns, ride some four-wheelers, go on walks, & just lounge. There is just something about getting away without the laundry sitting there, waiting to be folded, or the backyard, staring at you, needing to be tended to that you can't replace.

Sigh... looking at these pictures on this rainy, muggy day, is not helping the Monday Blues.
Hey, we work hard to play hard, right?

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