Thursday, May 12, 2011


I can't believe I am blogging about this... maybe its my recent apethetic attitude towards technology (ie. my major absence from the blogging world, my forgetfulness to bring my cell phone along with almost daily, the fed-up, "over-it" deactivation of my Twitter account (& almost facebook), and my new attemped efforts at recycling) OR maybe its because of these little sets of new life in our front yard & spending time with buddies in nature last weekend at my family's place. (more to come on that.)
ABOVE: One of THREE of the new little sets of baby ducklings in our front yard. I love this time of year at our home... this particular photograph is from me getting out of my car in front to snap a pic & stopping traffic to safely let them cross.
I digress... however, I read this article & the combination of my aforementioned mentality towards technology & our naivety as a society left me slightly disturbed & saddened. The human race WILL NOT survive without bees... I don't know the solution, but awareness is the first step, correct? Its a quick, great read with FINALLY an answer to "Where are all the bees going?"

Happy Thursday & glad to be back. :)

** Thank you to those sweet readers who have questioned my absence, I'm alive... just soaking up other aspects of life, working 'juiging' up our home & moreover, being swamped with my day job & night job, as well. (which has yet to majorly be updated.) {sigh} I'll get there. one day. :)

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Katie and Justin Cox said...

I've been wondering about you... glad you're back in action! :)