Thursday, January 27, 2011

new blog love.

How amazing & beautiful is this art barn? Absolutely fantastic... it's an amazing barn used solely to create & play & dream & make. {sigh.} It's owned by one of my new favorite blogger's, who writes Fern & Feather. You will love her ideas & taste level. I promise.

Also, why you are at it, check out Marta Writes. She is witty & clever & creative. I love her "how-to" series where readers write in & share how to actually make things they have created... so you don't just have to drool over them... you can actually DIY without the guesswork! love. I also particularly loved her post entitled, Blogging & Jealousy. The title alone speaks volumes, no? amen.

Happy Friday's eve!

PS - While I am on the topic of the blog world, thank you to those who follow my blog & think my mundane thoughts are worth a minute of your time... I appreciate it more than you know- and that includes all of my "google reader" followers... I still don't know who all you kind people are, but thank you! I am humbled.


marta said...

ooh, thank you, thank you. how cute are you?! i appreciate the little shout out, it means a lot to me. wishing you a happy day.

p.s. my new years resolution is painting my nails more often too! glad i'm in good company. off to browse your stylish blog.

Fern and Feather said...

thank you so much for the blog-love! looking forward to exploring your beautiful blog. oxo

her white sunrise said...

yeeeeaaaahhhhhh girl. blog it. all day long.

Anonymous said...

love marta writes & FF and i had a great opportunity to meet them at alt this past january. they are just as nice as they are great bloggers!