Friday, January 7, 2011

an amalgamation.

January has hit... we're back in the swing of things. It felt so nice to pack up the decorations, & clean & purge & start fresh. I have no concise thoughts at the moment, but here is the current amalgamation of tidbits in my brain at the moment.
Sweet Paul {one of my fav. food styling blogs} made this awesome cut paper silhouette frame. So chic & clever... and a fun, unexpected twist to the classic profile silhouette. It would be perfect for a family. {Great use of texture, too. }

I had some best chums over for dinner & to decorate gingerbread houses over the holidays... or that was the intention. I started the process & failed... so therefore, we still decorated gingerbread houses, they were just, well, flat. :) Maybe one day I can work on them each year, & hoepfully have them perfected by the time kids roll around. Anyone have any tips?

Are these little girls not so presh? thats all. I am just dreaming myself out of the cold & on a boat right now... in the sun, with cute nautical stripes.
This DIY tutorial is awesome. Make your own tray for all your little ditties - jewelry, soap, etc. Such a great gift idea. I love the Little Green Notebook.
I have come to the conclusion that my favorite combination for cooking is rosemary, lemon, garlic, and salt & pepper. Seriously... so wonderful on anything. Chicken, potatoes, rice, couscous... even bread. Try it. Trust me. {and there is no science to it.}
and finally, I could go on & on {I believe I already have} about my love of miniature things. This mini doll supermarket from the 1960's is absolutely rad. My dad built me a doll house that is still my favorite Christmas present to this day. I am going to re-gift it to my munchkin one day, but this supermarket would be an awesome addition to add to the mix. Momma doll could bebop over to the grocery store for the daily meal, right? right. {man, I must be ready for the weekend.}

Happy Happy Friday... ciao.

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