Tuesday, August 17, 2010

shine on.

It's pretty obvious / apparent that I have a mad, deep obsession for anything donning sequins... {preferably larger piets in a matte finish, if you really want to know.} :) My most recent purchases seem to ALL have sequins, either to cover or embellish... (The last piece I came home with, a sequin sweatshirt, I think Ry thought it was literally a practical joke. ) I love them paired with textured, organic or raw fabrics in a neutral color... I think, even spicing them up with some stripes is sassy. I believe I need to refrain from anymore sparkley apparel at the moment... but all I can picture is a future daughter LOVING her "vintage sequin pieces" later on in life - and yes, I am fully aware this notion is absolutely ridiculous. Shine on... Happy Tuesday!

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