Wednesday, June 30, 2010

CK. yes, I mean CK.

Calvin Klein is going to Remake Cher’s Slinky Clueless Dress!

"You know... the one she wears when she goes out with Christian, and she comes down the stairs looking slutty, and her father says, "What are you wearing?" And she says, "A dress." And he says, "Says who?" And she answers, "Calvin Klein." Anyway, the owner of L.A. Boutique Confederacy asked Calvin Klein director Francisco Costa to re-create the dress for her store, and he did. Buy yours online tomorrow in white or red for the bargain-basement price of $915."

Not that I am going to drop the dough for this, but this makes me very, very happy. Now all you need to do is spray some Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers and don a scrunchie on your wrist to complete the tubular ensemble. Like totally.

{seen here.}

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