Thursday, June 3, 2010

bike it. {part 2}

Sooo, I bit the bullet.
I got this cutie, new mint green cruiser bike: Her name is Nellie.
I got a great deal on this little puppy... plus, I had a gift card {from my sweet husband} that I decided to use it on.
Cross my heart, this was not an impulsive purchase... I have been looking at cruiser bikes now for about a year & half. {It is ironic I posted about bikes yesterday, obviously, it was on the brain.}
I was more excited than a kid on Christmas morning to take her home: I pumped up her tires, affixed her new basket, adjusted the reflectors, oiled her up...only to ride down the drive way about 2 ft. and have the chain fall off. {major bummer.} Did you know you can find out how to do ANYTHING on the internet? Its pretty baffling... I looked up how to fix this dilemma, got out our wrench, drive sockets, and screw drivers, took off the back wheel, fixed the slipped chain & realigned it on the bearing. I had grease all over me, but I was pretty proud of myself. :)
Now, I am just excited to get to take her for a spin tonight... I need to return my brary books... she's jut the ticket. :) I'm pretty pumped.
Happy Happy Friday's eve people!

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Megan Gilmore said...

I am so jealous. I have been drooling over cruisers for awhile too. This post just makes me want one that much more!