Thursday, May 13, 2010

six tidbits.

So, I am a horrible blogger... the j-o-b has been N-U-T-S... but that's no excuse, right? I guess I have not had very blog-worthy updates to share, either... so here is the random amalgamation of fun tidbits that are floating around in my noggin:

1) These little lovies look divine. I know most of you read her blog, but these are next up on the baking list... lovely, simple, fluffy brookies. mmm mmm.

2) It was the amazing Mr. Valentino's birthday this week. I tell you this only because I have a mild obsession with him. Have you seen the documentary on him? It's absolutely beautiful. I got to admire him from afar when he came to visit our offices one day a few years back... I think I drooled a couple of times.

3) I have been following this awesome blog... it is one of the sweetest, most inspiring stories of love, loyalty, & motherhood that I have ever read... and a reminder that life can look look a little different for everyone else, and it can still be so very sweet.
4) Have you seen this post on pillows? Yes, pillows. Random I know, but pretty legit- slash- humorous.

5) I am sure you are all aware that Martin+Osa is going out of business... they announced it a few months back... but just an FYI you can get some pretty sweet deals right now... the hubs & I were pretty shocked. They always have great, chic, casual classics... Why are they so under rated?

6) Isn't this piece of art cool?

Well, look closer, its made out of buttons. Stunning, absolutely stunning. Artist: Ann Carrington. {Check out her other work... very intriguing.}
That's all for now... my brain is scattered, so I have a feeling my posts might be following suit over the next few weeks. xoxo. Happy Friday's Eve! {right Lin?}


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Emily NIckson said...

Seeing your post about Reagan's Blog made me want to share this one with you:
She is an amazing photographer and writer and you will love her story about her two girls, one of which that has down syndrome. Beautiful blog!

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