Monday, March 2, 2009

See this little ditty... this was my indulgent (late wedding present) to myself from Crate & Barrel this weekend. I look forward to many lasagnas, soups, briskets, and chili over the next 60 years in this luscious, enamel cast iron dutch oven. Hopefully my little girl will have red in her kitchen, cause this little investment is gonna get passed down.
Benefits for those of you registering:
- Distributes heat more evenly, preventing "hot spots".
- Ensures moisture and flavours are sealed in by perfectly fitting lids.
- Keeps its shape and maintains a flat, steady base.
- Retains heat longer which keeps foods hot when serving.
It's like a crock pot / stock pot cross- breed mutt and it is making me extremely happy right now.

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Melissa said...

I love my dutch oven- though mine is not nearly as cute as yours. It's perfect for dishes like pork chops- you can brown your meat in it and then stick the whole thing in the oven for a slow-cook. They're amazing!