Tuesday, November 11, 2008

not too sure about this wholistic stuff?

pic from here

I met a woman named Eileen last night on a plane going to a "Serenity Retreat" in AZ.

Eileen was very intrigued as to why I was ripping things out of a magazines and for what reason?

I told her I use them for inspiration.

Eileen said I should make a "Vision Board" to achieve my dreams and be able the "visualize" my goals.

I currently pin up pretty pics in my craft room... but I think I might now take her advice and "Pin up my Dreams...."


bigcitypretty said...

Girl, I am a fellow tear-sheet lover. Maybe sometime we should get together and share:) Oh, and as a recent bride, please check out my post today.. maybe I should've gone with La Duni!!

Chanes said...

that's how my second room at ll sams was decorated....with tears and art work friends had done for me...good stuff

Catherine Jagers said...

I just started a 'Shame if I Don't' book. I put all my magazine tears in the book that represent my dreams, and it would be a damn shame if I don't live them out (preferably sometime soon.)

Miss B. said...

LOVE this idea!!! I do it all the time too (tear that is..) and dream...:)