Wednesday, November 5, 2008

no words.

i will learn to respect the authority placed in front of me.

i will trust that God has a plan in this decision.

i still stand stongly by my candidate of choice.

i will pray for future and present peace daily.

Now, here's a thought... if we are now going to spread the weath around, i think i might leave work and call it a day! heck, why work now?

Lauren told me to check out Daniel 4:17. i trust.


Lauren said...

Hey lady, I know I know! just look at Daniel 4:17....

whatever happens god is in control! but the thought you have is pretty funny! talk to ya soon!

Lauren said...

hi honey.... i love you! if all else fails, we'll still be friends :).

******************************************** said...

Thanks for the great perspective on it Mel. I needed that reassurance!