Thursday, October 27, 2011


First, I can't get enough of Coldplay's new album... really, they are back in their groove. It is on constant replay. Go buy it. So great.
Second, I saw this tear sheet, "Decorating Mantras to Live By," on Marta Writes, and LOVE & agree with it all. I especially enjoyed, "Honoring the acts of daily living. If its a habit, make it beautiful..." The thought of making everyday acts, chores, habits, & surroundings just as beautiful as you would for company, an event, a party, or a holiday has always enticed & intrigued me. I wish I could say I do this more.... finding a balance is definitely the key, though & not having the focus be ON your possessions and materials, but rather enjoying them & appreciating them fully. Using your china & nice serving pieces for Kraft mac & cheese, pulling out fancy wine & cheese just to enjoy on a Tuesday night, popping over a "thinking of you" letter on your linen, monogrammed stationary to a friend just because, and burning your "expensive" candles while watching Modern Family all fall in this category for me.

How can you not also love, "Life should sparkle, every house needs bling." Little ole me over here & my metallic obsession can definitely back this thought up. Love me some sparkling decor... I think I love it because it adds a pop while still staying neutral. Neutrals, greys, golds, & silvers are loved a bit too much over at the Frazier household.

Here's to living your Thursday beautifully. :) Again, Coldplay should help with that.

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