Wednesday, June 15, 2011

summer vacays.

I / We just got back from two amazing vacations... hence my lack of posting. {This month's goal is to post more on this little sit o' mine.}

I first went to Vail with 6 of my best friends/roomates from college. We had a blast - lots of time chatting, EATING, & playing. I feel so blessed to still feel close to them even though we only get
to see each other once a year on our annual Lodge Reunion. They are special, dear people to me... they have seen me through lots of highs & lows and we still pick up right where we left off.

We then went to Hawks Cay in the Florida Keys with 3 other dear couple friends over the 4th of July. This trip was pure relaxation... plus some snorkeling, frolic-ing with the dolphins & an awesome firework show. Its such a treat to have couple friends that we both can equally say get along with both parts. Needless to say, I am still slowly creeping back into the daily grind.

I have felt such a sense of gratitude for my family & friends lately... so supported, loved, & known. I know the Lord places people here specifically in our lives to show us different, unique pieces of Him & His character... and it is fun recognizing those traits in my loved ones & appreciating them fully... sometimes if only over dinner, and others on awesome, extended vacations.

Happy Friday's eve!

{top photo courtesy of L.S.}

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