Wednesday, February 16, 2011

iphone photo round-up.

Dude Sweet Chocolate... really cute chocolate shop in the Bishop Arts District. While I am not a huge fan of dark chocolate, their packaging & signage was superb.
I can admit that I am absolutely horrible at cake decorating... but nonetheless, I attempted a Super Bowl cake... gotta support the hubs' absolute favorite "sports games." {Modern Family, anyone? anyone?}
Lattice Panel inlaid at a restaurant in Scottsdale. While I do love the concept, the irony is that we used this lattice company at work for an installation & the vendor flippantly mentioned they just did a ceiling in a restaurant, but never mentioned the location. You would have thought I just saw George & Laura {ie. freaked out} when I stumbled across his work randomly. Such a fun treat to see our collateral, elsewhere... esp. from such a small, unique, "undiscovered" vendor.
Two of my besties over for wine, apps, and convo... 5 hours later & much cheese & chocolate, we still didn't cover it all, we never do. {Right, SMS?}
My attempt at the whoopie pies this weekend... I have to say, they were a bit underwhelming & took a lot of time {and dishes} to create. I am a fan of the "simplier & less messy," the better. They were fun to try though.
A restaurant in Scottsdale we loved, Culinary Dropout. It had such a cool atmosphere with live acoustic music, creative menu options & unique presentation...soft pretzel bites to dip in cheese fondue, bread pudding, pasta, baby carafes for the wine & paper bags for your beer. loved.
Pazookie at Oregano's, they are original creator of Pazookie. I know, I know everyone loves it now and while I know it is everywhere now, I do give the credit to my Zona girls for introducing it to me sophomore year of college...making it in our little oven at UP. It was fun to go to the place that I had heard about almost 8 years ago now.
Snow day & a wonderful morning of sleeping in & making homemade pumpkin waffles & bacon. If you know me, anything pumpkin tops the list & makes the day.
At Mimi's Manor for Christmas in Groveton... loved this little stack of firewood.

Ahhh, thank you for letting me dump my iPhone purge on you. Smart Phone photos are never the greatest, but they do capture the impromptu details, right?

Happy hump day!


CaseyWiegand said...

um r u kidding this is all amazing?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

her white sunrise said...

so basically you just showcased modern steak, a fave, and pizookie and all zona goodness. if this means you were here and did not tell me....

Julianne said...

The Pazookie looks amazing and Modern Family made me laugh and giggle this week! :)