Tuesday, November 9, 2010

wanna be inventors...

I love that the production & marketing of ideas, products, & services has fallen into the hands of the creator. The middle man seems to be gradually eliminating. From etsy.com & ebay to even blogs promoting their own talent, the inventor or creative brain gets to take the reins & be their own entreprenuer & I LOVE it. Now on to the point of this post... Quirky.com is now on the scene & it is awe-some. To fully understand how awesome it is, you need to know the old process for inventing first, {according to Wired mag.}
1. Invent an idea.
2. Check out the US Patent and Trademark office website to make sure no-one had the idea first.
3. Design and prototype with a 3-D model by using Blender or Google's sketchup software.
5. Find the right partner to manufacture it using alibaba.com.
6. Sell it on SparkFun or market your own ecommerce through Yahoo.

Now, as if that wasn't easy enough, Quirky.com makes it even easier. For just $10 you can submit an idea (no prototype model needed), have it judged & voted upon, then developed by the community, prototype included, & sold online using this single website. I love that now virtually anyone can be a part of the creative process... kudos to Quirky for thinking outside of the box & bringing production to us little people. :)

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