Wednesday, May 27, 2009

rocking bed.

This looks like a dream... I would love to be rocked to sleep every night. It is brand new & the first in it's class...
Here is an excerpt from the company's website, Private Cloud:
"From ancient times we know, that nothing can calm down a baby as good as rocking and waving. You can watch this on mothers and children all over the world.As an unborn you always hear the heartbeat of your mother. When you get born and get rocked, this is waking up the feeling of total protection, comfort and savety.Different studies made clear that while one‘s rocking, the blood-brain barrier is broken through and the brain spills out messengers. Thereby the rocking person gets, by and by, into a kind of trance.
With this rocking bed even you as an adult are able to use this effect to relax, to chill out and to calm down."
yes please.

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