Monday, June 4, 2012

I have been super busy over at this little neck of the woods... and am VERY behind on updating it with recent jobs & projects, however, I have managed to get a few new posts up! Feel free to check it out - Happy Happy Monday People... I cannot believe we are already in June. whew.

Instagram. {as of late.}

As I mentioned... Instagram is where most my remaining little free time has gone... and as you can tell, I apologize, they are mostly of Rowan. He is a blast & FULL of personality. So. in. love.

floating installations.

So it has been so unbelievably long since I posted... not sure if its the fact that mommyhood has gotten the best of me, or that other forms of social media ( ie Pinterest & Instagram) have become more enticing as of late with the little time I do have, but I have completely neglected this little space on the web. Sorry little blog o' mine... I plan to return soon my old friend, soon.

In the meantime, I found this artist here and was breath taken by Cornelia Parker's art. I have floated many an object in my time and, I at least, find it to be one of the most difficult, intricate, and elaborate tasks I have ever done. I love installing windows, but dread when floating with mono, wire, ribbon, etc are involved. Its an up and down the ladder, tedious, perfected science that I just don't have a knack for. Cornelia nails it... and not only are her installations perfect, but they are done with hundreds or thousands of peices of collateral. wow. I am truly blown away. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just Published.

Rowan's Announcement... I went a little crazy with a library theme, but had fun with it. The little vellum envelopes held "library cards" with his stats & info on them. Welcome little one!

better late than never.

Little Rowan's Progress... he is such a joy. Photobucket

Friday, February 24, 2012


PhotobucketSo motherhood over the past month has got the best of me, sorry to this little blog o' mine...


Mr. Rowan Noble Frazier
Born at 6lbs, 12oz & 19.5 in. on January 18th, 2012.

We love him more than words can describe. He's 5.5 weeks, I now finally get the comment, "It goes so fast." Slow down little man, slow down.

Happy Weekend!

Photo by my oh so talented bestie, Lauren Larsen.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Rowan's Nursery.

Welcome! Here's a little mini tour of Mr. Rowan Noble Frazier's room... we are eagerly anticipating his arrival this week! {nope, it really has NOT hit me.} However, I thought I should get these up on this good old {VERY neglected} blog because it might not ever happen if I don't do this now. :)



Mr. Snuffy, ode to my childhood weenie dog, greets you when you walk in. :)

All I have wanted in a nursery for years were the letters "PLAY"... I hope our children live by this motto alone. (Anthro.)

Ryan built the shelves... HOURS of love went into these with lots of prep work. We love the industrial / masculine feel they bring. The toy chest was my grandparents - we just painted, added castors, & a locker no.

Another shot of the shelving... industrial plumping piping & wood. (Home Depot)

My sweet aunt & cousin got us these shelves... (PB) all I wanted was a book at an arms reach when I rock to him. Of course my love for Rifle Paper needed a spot in the room with the hat prints.


Puppy dog tail hooks - Ikea. Running monkey pic -
The elephant was mine growing up, (it just needed polishing & a new rope tail) Pouf & Rug - One Kings Lane, Dresser - repainted from my college days, Glider- Layla Grace, Light - PB.

Vintage flash cards. (in Ikea frame)

I sewed Rowan his own little pennant... every little boy needs a pennant, right? (in Ikea frame)

Little Red Racer car from my sweet mom & swim locker baskets from an industrial supplier online.

Books- all gifted... all I want to do is teach him a love for reading. Whale - Wisteria. Duck - from my best friends from college. Bucket - Restoration.

Old pics of his grandfathers & booties knitted from a best friend from college's mother.

His changing table. (that we hope to make his desk one day) and duh. We HAD to have a bear... {sic em}, so I found this print on etsy. (in Ikea frame)

Blocks - from my NM work Shower... I love them.

I had someone sew his bedding... we loved the dog print & pops of red. I sewed his little sailboat mobile. I started out only knowing I wanted sailboats... I ran into some kinks wanting it to actually move & making them somewhat look like sailboats. ha It took a while to figure out the logistics of, but I ended up happy with the outcome.

Another bedding & mobile shot.

Lots of boy-ish stuffed animals everywhere. & below, airplane - Home Goods.

His little room turned into much more "little boy room" than baby's nursery, but we love it that way. We think it will grow with him. It was definitely our little labor of love... a lot of research, painting, bargain hunting, DIY, sanding, sewing, making, degreasing, scouring, searching, sweating, surfing the net, & waiting... but we both like things that way in our home. Lots of love & eclectic mixes... and not out of a box. :) It's way more fun that way, right? ha.

xoxo. Happy Monday!

yum yum.

Crunchy Grocer... what a brand with personality! wow. Its a new natural concept food store... its not open yet, but should open in an old school building in Colorado soon. The design was done by Tenfold Creative... you can read more about it at their site.

{via here.}


Loved this... anatomy of a cupcake. Great styling & use of color.... { for whom it may concern: the fastest way to my heart is through a cupcake. :) }

{from here.}

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


This is what happens when you give thousands of stickers to thousands of kids... This December, "this surprisingly simple, yet ridiculously amazing installation" was done by artist Yayoi Kusama for the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art.

A blank canvas of sorts was created by painting everything from the floor to ceiling a stark, brilliant white & letting kids go in, uninhibited & without rules, to put stickers where ever their little hearts desired.

I love the beauty that came from the chaos... controlled chaos that was made over time. {Kind of life a metaphor for our lives. ha.}

Happy Wednesday!